#3 Histograms

Experience Experiments

In Camera:

Trying the Exposure compensation was a world changer!! On my camera (rebel t7 because beginner) it’s just a dial and it’s mad easy. It was kind of cool, because if you flipped through the images fast enough you see the histogram bell curve just dance from one side to the other. the exposure compensation just changed the shudder speed, so I had to be careful not to blur the image when it was wide open. The histogram represents the tone I think. The right side is the whites and the left is the blacks.

In Photoshop:

I’m not a good guesser. Photos I thought were going to be bell-shaped were very much on the left side and vice versa. I found I like images that have a lot of black in them. The ‘guessing from the histogram’ part wasn’t any easier. A lot of the photos I chose were gapping, but at least I didn’t have any that went off the edge.

The Nines (real life application)

how to tell if image is correctly exposed? The histogram. The balance of hi-lights and shadows

Definition: Histograms help tell what amount of tones are in your photo. Exposure compensation helps you get a good balance of hi-lights and shadows quicker so you can get a good photo for a fleeting shot.

Time for Terms

white balance

White balance is up the quality of light, and when it’s well balanced, the natural colors will show through.


A histogram is a graph showing how the light is distributed. The left side is the shadows in the image and the right side is the hi-lights. The middle? Mid-tones haha. Usually a good histogram is a bell shape.

is a photo of other photos still my photo?



The camera takes multiple shots of the same subject with different camera settings so the photographer doesn’t have to do it manually, so that it doesn’t take them an hour to set the right settings.

woah that is not a white balance photo for sure

exposure compensation

Exposure compensation basically effects the shutter speed on your camera, but in a quick and easy way!! On my camera (canon rebel t7) it’s a dial you spin right next to the ‘take a pic’ button. Shudder button? Anyways, you can let less or more light into your camera for exposure.


A photo that’s just way too dark. It’s histogram is just straight to the left, and all the details are illegible.

wait but I think it’s really cool tho

correctly exposed

link in underexposed

A photo that has a good balance of shadows and hi-lights. Of course the balance is up to you as long as you can see all the needed details.

he was my stand-in to set my settings right, I don’t want to entirely give away my final photos!!


link in underexposed

A blown out picture, that’s way too light and just gets rid of all the details.



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